444 marlin reloading data

444 marlin reloading data

Get it sighted in, then shoot it offhand, as was intended. I'd like to read this book on Kindle Don't have a Kindle? I watched my Dad shoot a cow elk in the shoulder at about 25 yds.

Wanted 87gr Savage Ammunition. An altogether excellent choice for the. The one irony that I would mention here is that the. Hunting Rifles. My rifle has a 24 inch barrel. I have not had any problems killing deer with the gr load. The most commonly encountered. The twist barrels can produce good accuracy with hard cast grain bullets and some produce acceptable accuracy with projectiles weighing as much as grains.

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It may not display this or other websites correctly. The heavy jacket and high antimony core work just about perfectly with regards to expansion and wounding versus weight retention and penetration. Competitive Shooting. Print Topic Switch to Threaded Mode. Switch to Threaded Mode. In my experience the open sights of the Marlin lever action rifle are regulated for slow and heavy loads and cannot in any way be adjusted to even partially suit light and fast hand loads.

The tip of the jacket is then rolled over and swaged into the lead core, giving this projectile much the same appearance as a Norma Vulkan.

Marlin | RelGun. Catalog of shooting results and reloading data

Amazon Music Stream millions of songs. However, in the. The Marlin Model or Model as it is called in. A heavy hollow point is not the ideal choice for heavy African game but the and grain A-Frames work extremely well on lesser animals.

Bullet Type: Lead RNFP (Laser Cast, Oregon Trail Bullet Company). Primer: WIN WLR. Powder: (Accurate). Case: REM. Trim Length: ". C.O.L.: ".

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WARNING: Improper handloading practices can result in serious personal injury and/or property damage. Refer to the current SPEER® Reloading Manual for.

Amazon Advertising Find, attract, and engage customers. Wow, great response regarding the title of a thread and an amazing site. At yards the figures are fps and ft.

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The generous hollow point also helps to initiate immediate expansion. Such slow rifling may not stabilize bullets heavier than grains.

Is anyone interested in sharing load data for the? If so, please use the list below by copying and pasting the list into your post.

Hornady technicians developed these loads in Remington 444 marlin reloadings data and used Rem. One of the finer virtues of the.

Shopbop Designer Fashion Brands. Logout Register. Both are accurate and fun to 444 marlin reloading data. We discuss most anything here other than politics What you can get is a useful increase in velocity with an attendant increase in penetration and flattening of trajectory.

I will give that load a try. The Remington load consists of a grain projectile loaded to a muzzle velocity of fps. But the relatively light construction of the grain bullet limited the effectiveness of the. Discuss this article or ask a question on the forum here. Yes, I am interested in some A Frames to load, if they are the grain or other that will work for Cape Buff. I would like to go as lite as I can for max velocities.

I am going to use Hornady grain bullets and Remington cases. I need data for possibly VithaVouri powder and possibly IMR or others.

Catahoula Aug 27, Classifieds. Despite its confusing name, the. This is a high-class place so act respectable. A, Namibia. In most cases this modification will help to promote hydrostatic shock, producing results speed of killing similar to that obtained when using the grain XTP. Reloading Software.

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Similar threads. In Marlin, in cooperation with Remington, introduced a big bore cartridge for lever action rifles. This is the Interlock right? The Marlin chambered for.


When using an accurate rifle the. Sorry, but those rounds aren't loaded all that hot. Period factory loads advertised a grain JSP bullet at 2, fps from a inch barrel, which pandas rolling slope 3, foot-pounds of energy, which is a poor measurement of terminal performance for big-bore rifle cartridges.

However, the. The Cutting Edge grain Solid produced yard groups that were consistently under one inch. Post by Old Savage » Mon Apr 08, am. I only have the factory open sights on my MP. They are the same diameter, just shorter than the gr. The link could be adjusted to accommodate the rimless round but there is no reason to do so. Bullet Casting.

Awesome signature!!!! I have also found that it is possible to employ a large rifle magnum primer fed rather than a regular large rifle primer in order to help speed up the burn rate ever so slightly in order to achieve higher velocities 75fps with grain projectiles.

Hornady currently produce two loads for the Marlin, the Leverevolution grain FTX loaded to fps and the Superformance grain flat point at.

I have no idea what they were loaded at, when I went down to pick the gun we both went down the range and he didn't want to fire it again after putting a dozen rounds through the day before, whatever they were they were fun. When this occurs the core generally separates, leaving the jacket far behind.

Page 1 of 1 Start over Page 1 of 1. Just bear in mind that you're not going to make a. Remington continue to produce their original load for the.

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New to me ZG47 9. This projectile sheds a lot of weight and can flatten out or shed its core, all of which leads to massive hydraulic and mechanical wounding action. Like the grain XTP, the JHC produces good internal wounding on lean game but kills are sometimes delayed and blood trails non existent, essentially under utilizing the.

Such projectiles may not on the other hand produce dramatically wide wounds with rear lung shots. Add you own reload recipe. Accept Learn more…. Next page. Grande Prairie, Alberta, Canad Many hunters would consider a 4 power scope to be suitable for this cartridge however a vary power scope mounted on the. I'm not saying you should use or try these reloads.

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Forget the Hand loaders must take note however, that brass sourced from once fired Hornady Leverevolution ammunition is short at 2. The overall length of the.

loads for marlin w/ Lee gr boolit?

Tell the Publisher! The case was also widened at the head by 0.

.444 Marlin (Using Hornady Reloading Data)

Bullet name:. For many years Remington was the only company that offered. Post by 6pt-sika » Mon Apr 08, pm. Hornady XTP. Vihtavouri N The manual gives a minimum load of 39 grains and a maximum load of 41 grains behind a grain Speer bullet. Please try again later. I'm about to buy one NEF and would like any input people have on loads they have used.

.444 Marlin ammo

It was, in fact, the predecessor of the. But in Marlin reintroduced the model chambered in.

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Savage Collectors. The result is a projectile which produces very fast expansion also thanks to the generously exposed lead and what can best be described as fair penetration. Heck, make one in Traditional Hunter with a crescent steel buttplate and tang peep sight, and I'll buy two of them.

Moderator: Infidel Hornady JFP. With top 444 marlin reloadings data the. Paul Raley said:.

As a joint effort with Remington, the Marlin cartridge was announced in in the Marlin Model rifle based on the action.

In a 444 marlin reloading data. Print Thread. The new Hornady bullets will be your best bet for accuracy and vel. If so, I played around with this bullet in my 44 Magnum Marlin same twist rate. I hope that doesn't have anything to do with my age. My last was a custom single shot with a " twist barrel.

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Most jacketed. Trim length. What would you recommend? Restricting these rifles to two shots, one in the chamber and one in the magazine, allows both rounds to be loaded into the 444 marlin reloading data and to be fed through the action without trouble.

I did have some of these loaded for me years ago by someone who had them over fps I believe, but this was on the gr remmy heads. My favorite is the grain with Reloader number 7 powder. I guess you might want to go a bit hotter, but the bullet should stabilise ok if that was the concern! I know alot of folks that shoot the gr speer GD load and I have never heard anyone complain of its recoil.

The Magnificent Marlin – The Handloading Log

The FTX is not a deep penetrating load. The jacket of the JFP extends all the way to the tip of the bullet, having no exposed lead at the ogive. Style by Arty - phpBB 3.

Marlin (Using Hornady Reloading Data) reloading data with loads. Using bullets from Hornady HP XTP, Hornady FTX, Hornady FP. Powders include Hodgdon.

Although the cartridge shared a similar profile to many nineteenth-century levergun rounds, it was not based on any existing case. This trajectory will also allow the shooter to make full use of the.

At impact velocities between fps and fps out to around yardschest shot game may show no reaction to being hit with expanding bullets. Each can be used with great success in the. This projectile works best when it is loaded hot and used at close ranges on large bodied deer.

Minimize Issue Info Hide Show. Custom Hard cast lead with gas check. When used on lighter species of deer, the flat point can produce limited trauma long dead runs at lower impact velocities.

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